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What is Bnext ?

Products and customers are the two vital assets for any business. Having a seamless connection between the two is what empowers the business. Having both of them together has been a major difficulty for all the businesses. While several technological advancements have tried to bring them on same page but there has not been a comprehensive solution to this. 


We at Bnext are solving this problem with our software that connects manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers with each other. Integrated with social media, it becomes easy to share products / catalogs, connect and transact.


Additionally, you can also monitor the order history, get analytics reports and derive business intelligence. These reports are very beneficial in helping you plan and prepare your business strategy for a particular buyer and thus, grow your business.

How it works?


Focusing on easing the digitization of products, we have greatly simplified the entire process. As a seller all you need to do is, follow simple 3 step process –

    •    Add your Business Contacts

    •    Upload your Products / Create Catalogs


    •    Share Products / Catalogs / Store Link with your Contacts


With the help of our Re-sell feature you (a seller) can also enable ‘Re-selling’ your product for your contacts and they can further re-share it within their network.


“Hold on to your vision of business growth and take a step ahead.” Register

Will Bnext help me find new buyers?


W Edward Deming the famous American engineer once quoted, “Profit in business comes from repeat customers”, the key to maximizing profit lies in dealing repeatedly with existing customers. 


In India, business mainly functions on trust. Dealing with new buyers involves high risk and often cause credibility issues. Perhaps, maximizing your business revenue from the existing customers not only reduces the risk but also helps strengthen the bond with them. 


We at Bnext follow Deming’s ideology and focus on strengthening your relationship with existing customers and thus, improve the scale of your business.


Crafted competently the software seamlessly connects you with all your business contacts at a single click. Additionally, introduction of professional digitized catalogs on the platform has greatly been beneficial in eliminating the huge printing cost. 

How will Bnext help in increasing my sale? 

The sales leader, Anthony Iannarino once said, “Care enough to create value for customers. If you get that part right, selling is easy”.  Learning from Iannarino’s philosophy, we strive to bring out the best to the customers, with a touch of simplification. 


Our ‘Product First’ approach enhances productivity and efficiency of your sales team by digitizing products and catalogs.  It acts like a time savior for your sales team, as they can simply share the link with customers prior to visit. Thus, they can focus more on closing deal during the visit instead of wasting time on giving product briefs. 


Additionally, it helps your showcase more options compared to physical catalogs. You can also reconnect with your past customers and increase the chances of more sales / orders. 

As the saying goes, Jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai”, so if the products are well displayed with in-depth details the customer is more likely to prefer buying it.

What if someone copies my designs?

We know how valuable a product or design is for you (seller) and understand your concerns regarding privacy of the same. Therefore, we take utmost care of your exclusive designs. 

Our ‘Private Mode’ feature enables you to share exclusive designs only with your loyal and privileged clients. The ones who are real close and valuable to you and your business. 

Thus, the fear of your designs getting copied is negligible. Your products and designs on Bnext are ‘as safe as houses’. 

How will Bnext add value to my business?

Trust is the foundation of any business and Bnext helps you deal within your trusted network. Using the software will give you an edge over your counterparts as you can instantly share your digitized catalogs in much more systematic manner. 


Someone has rightly quoted, Money flows in the direction of value”. Having a single point product repository and business contacts directory is of utmost value to help you increase your order basket size from your current set of buyers.


Additionally, you can also track views of products and catalogs. This greatly helps you to plan and prepare a strategy in order to retarget your customers with an impactful call-to-action. 

Thus, by enabling access to everything at your fingertips; business contacts, digital store, analytics, instant sharing, etc. we not only try adding but multiplying the value of your business.

How do I get maximum out of Bnext? 

In order to gain maximum benefits out of any given opportunity, it is vital you make the optimum use of it. And the same applies to with our Wholesale Distribution Software Bnext, because it is all about You; Your Product, Your Software, and Your Customer. 


Here we share some of the tried and tested methods, that’ll get you the best for your business:

Upload all your latest products and designs with competitive pricing. Add all your network contacts and accordingly share your exclusive showroom to get optimum results. Take relevant action on all the enquiries you receive. Close your deals by accepting or rejecting the enquiries. Keep a track of all the past orders and enquiries you received from a particular buyer and act accordingly. 

How is Bnext different from my website? 

Most sellers and manufacturers don’t have a website. And a handful of others who do, have outdated sites that consists only basic information about their brand. As creating a website is easy however, updating and maintaining one is cumbersome. It is not only expensive but also time consuming. Thus, it does not serve the purpose, i.e. enabling smooth & easy business growth.


While on the other hand creating your digital showroom on Bnext takes less than 5 mins. All you need to do is just upload your product pictures, add description details, etc. to create your catalog and you are set to share your store link.


Its product first approach makes it extremely relevant for B2B use. You can also club your products together, mention MOQs, create bundling, list products at different price for different seller which is a major drawback in the website. 


Perhaps, comparing Bnext with website is just a waste, as the software helps you connect, share and transact without any hassles, unlike website. Also, updating your information on Bnext is as easy as posting your status on Facebook. 

Bnext: The One-Stop Wholesale Distribution System

The Indian B2B market and wholesale trade networks are undergoing a digital revolution. Why do you want to wait for physical catalogs or samples when you can view the entire collection with a single click on Bnext? Bnext houses everything across varied categories from readymade garments to designer apparels for women’s ethnic wear like sarees, kurtis, salwar and chudidar sets. You can even look up stylish dresses, tops, footwear, handbags, and lifestyle accessories from our massive collection. Besides clothing we also house categories such as furniture, electronics, jewelry, cosmetics and many more. Bnext is a B2B wholesale selling software that greatly enables seamless B2B trade within your network. You name it and we have it, we’ve got your business covered.

What’s more? With our Wholesale Distribution System, we are sure you’ll make the most of this opportunity by connecting, sharing and transacting instantly with all your contacts. If you’re wondering why use Bnext when there are several options available, the answer is simple - Bnext is a closed loop networking platform. Unlike B2B marketplaces, this wholesale distribution software for small business lets you share products and catalogs only with your trusted partners, thus enabling perfectly risk-free trade. Also, you can opt to share exclusive products in private mode with your preferred customers.


Your digital store serves as a product repository which can be re-shared by distributors and wholesalers for re-selling. Thus, Bnext as a comprehensive bulk buying enterprise SAAS software facilitates smooth trade by serving the needs of the entire supply chain.

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