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It is so rightly said that, ‘the first impression is the last impression.’ A research study says, ‘our brain stores expectancy-violating experiences like exceptions-to-rule in such a way that the rule is treated to be valid except for a specific instance that has been violated.’ What we see for the first time tends to stay in our mind forever.

Wooing your customer is a key factor in business. While most businessmen aim at attracting maximum customers they tend to forget that it can be very challenging. Customers have a very short attention span and perhaps, bombarding them with updates to catch their attention can be very annoying and can also result in spamming.

Thus, for a businessman it vital to be presentable and precise at the same time.

The difference between WhatsApp, Dropbox, Google Drive v/s Bnext

WhatsApp, Dropbox, Google Drive

We live in a fast paced digital era. Its growing popularity has greatly influenced and changed several aspects of our lives such as the way we live we study as well as the way we do business. As a result, gone are the days when you shared samples of your products or created physical catalogs that caused huge printing cost. Thus, gone is the challenge to reach target customers and the problem of higher cost.

In today’s digital age, businessmen use several digital solutions like WhatsApp, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. to reach their customers. They just share images of products and catalogs through these platforms which lead to problems like customer spamming, sharing bulky files and sharing of half information. Thus, they largely fail in creating an impactful professional impression on the customers.

Nowadays, the ever-expanding growth of technology, higher volumes and use of multiple formats is rapidly changing the user behavior and expectations. Thus, there is a great need to avoid these complexities and find a simple yet comprehensive solution that not only helps in instant sharing but also in presenting the product and catalog in a quality and professional way.

As in the end, it is all about creating a first impression that lasts forever. It is all about generating more revenue by making optimum use of the existing business.


The new age technology software, Bnext considers creating access to information and communicating the information at the same time.

The b2b wholesale distribution software works like a virtual showroom in itself. Crafted for Indian B2B market, the wholesale distribution software for small business allows you to create a complete digital professional catalog for all your products in a jiffy.

India’s only B2B wholesale software acts as a repository for both your products and catalogs and it is also integrated with several social media platform. Thus, creating a win-win situation for you; share any product / catalog / store with all your contacts anywhere at any time.

So, next time when your competitors say, ‘Mere pass WhatsApp hai, Dropbox hai, Google drive hai.’ All you got to say is, ‘Bnext.’

Bnext: The One-Stop Wholesale Distribution System

The Indian B2B market and wholesale trade networks are undergoing a digital revolution. Why do you want to wait for physical catalogs or samples when you can view the entire collection with a single click on Bnext? Bnext houses everything across varied categories from readymade garments to designer apparels for women’s ethnic wear like sarees, kurtis, salwar and chudidar sets. You can even look up stylish dresses, tops, footwear, handbags, and lifestyle accessories from our massive collection. Besides clothing we also house categories such as furniture, electronics, jewelry, cosmetics and many more. Bnext is a B2B wholesale selling software that greatly enables seamless B2B trade within your network. You name it and we have it, we’ve got your business covered.

What’s more? With our Wholesale Distribution System, we are sure you’ll make the most of this opportunity by connecting, sharing and transacting instantly with all your contacts. If you’re wondering why use Bnext when there are several options available, the answer is simple - Bnext is a closed loop networking platform. Unlike B2B marketplaces, this wholesale distribution software for small business lets you share products and catalogs only with your trusted partners, thus enabling perfectly risk-free trade. Also, you can opt to share exclusive products in private mode with your preferred customers.


Your digital store serves as a product repository which can be re-shared by distributors and wholesalers for re-selling. Thus, Bnext as a comprehensive bulk buying enterprise SAAS software facilitates smooth trade by serving the needs of the entire supply chain.

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