What should I do if I have an email id or mobile number which already exists?

The application accepts only unique email Id or mobile number for registration. In case if the email Id or mobile already exist, try to Reset Password or Contact our Support Team.

What should I do if I want to change the mobile number that I provided earlier?

Click on the profile picture to edit all details of your profile. Change your phone number and save the changes. You will receive an OTP for confirmation of the same.

What if I don't receive an OTP for my registered mobile number?

Re-check the number that you submitted for registration to receive OTP or contact our support team.

What if I forget my password and share an incorrect email Id to receive the link to reset password?

Click on forgot password option again and submit the correct email Id.

How can I edit my information?

Login to Bnext website "app.bnext.in" by using the credentials that you used during registration. There are two sections to edit the information depending on your profile: Seller/ Buyer.

a. If you're a seller, login to the link "app.bnext.in/seller". Click on your 'Profile' image icon at left top corner, it will redirect you to the profile details page. Click on 'Edit' option and to edit the information and then click on 'Save' option.

b. If you're a buyer, click on left side navigation bar's 'Profile' option. Click on it and you get redirected to profile details page. Click on 'Edit' option and edit the information you want, Save the changes.

What information is mandatory to fill during registration?

All the information asked during registration is mandatory to be filled.

What should I do if my location is not available in the drop down?

Search for your location by typing the city name and if you're still not able to find it, then choose the nearby city name.

What is the link to login as a seller post registration?

Link to login as seller is "app.bnext.in/seller".

Products / Catalogs

Is there any limit for number of products or catalogs that can be created?

No, there is no limit for number of products or catalogs.

Can I change the product or catalog type?

Yes, you can change it to Public or Private mode as per your needs.

How can i add my products?

You can add your products by clicking on 'Add Product' button under 'Product Module' tab.

How can i add my catalog?

You can add your catalog by clicking on 'Add Catalog' button under 'Catalog Module' tab. You can add catalogs with already existing products in Bnext or by adding new products.

What does 'Gallery' tab indicate?

'Gallery' tab stores all the images that you use or will be using to create products and catalogs.

How to add images in Gallery?

You can add images by clicking on 'Add Photo' button under 'Gallery' tab and by choosing the options from where you want to upload images.

What are the available options to upload images?

You can upload the images by using varied options such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other web address.

How much storage does the gallery give?

The storage limit for Gallery Module is 10GB.

What to do if I forget my password?

Click on 'Forgot Password' button on the login page enter your e-mail address to receive the link for resetting the new password.

How many products or catalogs can we add?

You can add any number of products or catalogs as per your needs.

Is the product detail editable?

Besides Category, Sub-category & Design Code, rest all the product fields are editable. Click on the product thumbnail & edit products.

What if I want to delete product or catalog?

You cannot delete product or catalog once you create. However, you can disable the public view for product or catalog list. It will no longer be visible to your store visitors.

What to do if i want to delete the product or catalog?

You cannot delete the products or catalogs once you have created but you can disable the products or catalogs which would not be seen on public product or catalog list.

Can I disable a product which is used in catalog?

No, you cannot disable a product which is already used in catalog.

Can I enable the disabled product or catalog?

Yes, you can enable the disabled product or catalog whenever you want.

On which platforms can I share product or catalog?

You can share product or catalog via social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, etc.

Can I keep the product or catalog private?

Yes, you can choose public or private mode while editing product or catalog or by moving the toggle switch.

Can I share private product or catalog via social media?

No, you cannot share private product or catalog via social media with your contacts except through SMS.

How many images can I add while creating a product?

You can add 6 images per product while there is no limit for creating the no. of products.

How many products can I add while creating a catalog?

There is no limit for adding products to a catalog, you can add as many products as you want.

Can I create catalogs with existing product?

Yes, you can do it by selecting existing product options instead of non-existing products.

Can I create a catalog using both existing & non-existing products at the same time?

No, you can select only one of the two options for creating a catalog.

What is the use of Gallery Module?

All the images you upload on the platform while creating product or catalog by default get added to gallery.
You can also upload images in gallery first and then create product or catalog using it.

Can I delete used images in product or catalog?

No, only the unused images can be deleted.

Can I permanently delete the trash images?

You can either restore or delete images from trash, images once deleted permanently cannot be restored again.

Contact Queries

How can I add a contact & multiple contacts at a time?

Click on 'Invite Contact' under Contact Module and add contact information such as name, mobile number and email address of the individual and then click on 'Add' & 'Send' which will lead to sending an SMS to your contact.

In case of multiple contacts follow the same process except sending SMS & continue adding contacts.

What should I do, if I get a 'Request Failed' message for a particular contact?

Click on 'Retry' button & re-submit the request of the contact that you want to add.

How can I re-share invite with all my pending contacts?

Click on 'Resend Invites' button to re-share invite link with all your contacts.

What does 'Notify Again' button do?

If sending SMS invite to your contacts fail for some technical reasons, it will appear as 'Notify Again' against the pending contact. The button helps re-send invite link to such contacts.

Can I edit number of a contact added in the list?

No, you cannot edit number that you added in contact list, you can delete it and add a correct number instead.

What does 'Retry Share Store' button do?

'Retry Share Store' button automatically share store link with your contacts to who didn't receive link even for once. While the contacts that received the link earlier will not receive it again.

What does 'Resend Invites' button do?

'Resend Invites' button helps you to re-send the invite request to all your pending contacts with a single click.

What does 'Accept Invite' tab indicate?

'Accept Invite' tab helps you connect with your favourite seller & buyer by accepting the invite of seller to view shared products in private mode.

Can I delete multiple contacts?

Yes, select multiple contacts that you want to delete by clicking on the checkboxes against it and then click on delete option.

What happens if I decline someone's invitation?

The invitation gets declined and you'll not be able to see the contact in 'Accept Invite' list any further.

To whom can I send an enquiry?

You can send an enquiry only with those contacts who already shared product / catalog with you.

Who can see the sent enquiry?

An enquiry can only be seen by the contact to who you have sent it.

What happens if I close or reject the enquiry?

If you close or reject enquiry, it just moves to the last panel in the list and can be viewed after scrolling to the end.

Where can I see the enquiries that I send & receive?

Both sent & received enquiries can be viewed in Enquiry Module under Sent & Received tabs, respectively.

What does my 'My Store' contain?

'My Store' contains all the public products and catalogs that you created in your account. It also shows your basic information along with the profile picture.

Bnext: The One-Stop Wholesale Distribution System

The Indian B2B market and wholesale trade networks are undergoing a digital revolution. Why do you want to wait for physical catalogs or samples when you can view the entire collection with a single click on Bnext? Bnext houses everything across varied categories from readymade garments to designer apparels for women’s ethnic wear like sarees, kurtis, salwar and chudidar sets. You can even look up stylish dresses, tops, footwear, handbags, and lifestyle accessories from our massive collection. Besides clothing we also house categories such as furniture, electronics, jewelry, cosmetics and many more. Bnext is a B2B wholesale selling software that greatly enables seamless B2B trade within your network. You name it and we have it, we’ve got your business covered.

What’s more? With our Wholesale Distribution System, we are sure you’ll make the most of this opportunity by connecting, sharing and transacting instantly with all your contacts. If you’re wondering why use Bnext when there are several options available, the answer is simple - Bnext is a closed loop networking platform. Unlike B2B marketplaces, this wholesale distribution software for small business lets you share products and catalogs only with your trusted partners, thus enabling perfectly risk-free trade. Also, you can opt to share exclusive products in private mode with your preferred customers.


Your digital store serves as a product repository which can be re-shared by distributors and wholesalers for re-selling. Thus, Bnext as a comprehensive bulk buying enterprise SAAS software facilitates smooth trade by serving the needs of the entire supply chain.

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